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Feb 17, 2013 12:00pm PST
with my colleague, christine romans. >>> and parlimpic champion oscar pistorius charged with murder. nike learns once again pinning a reputation on a star name is risky. sands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. we were out when it happened. by the time we called the police, there wasn't much they could do. i felt so helpless. we were out when it happened. but adt quickly called the police. i felt like it was over right away. feels like it's still not over. we lost our digital photos, financial records, things that insurance simply can't replace. [ male announcer ] you can't predict when bad things will happen. but you can help protect yourself with the fast-alarm response of adt. we're always there for your family. with more monitoring centers, more ways to keep up with life at home. and 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. starting at just over $1 a
Feb 16, 2013 3:00am PST
charge has jolted a nation and put nike on defense now. >>> what if the difference between life and death was solved? that's what a new study is saying. we're going to ask a nutrition and fitness expert about this. >>> it is saturday, february 16th, good morning to you, i'm susan hendricks, randi and victor are off today. >>> facebook being the latest company to be the victim of an internet hacking attack. some of their computers were infected by malware in january but no user information was compromised. in the last month, hackers have gone after twitter, the "new york times" and the "wall street journal." >>> how about this? we survived the near miss from an asteroid. this is what it looked like through a high-powered telescope. now, remember, when i say near miss, that's in space terms. it was actually around 17,000 miles away. it's called 2012 da14, about half the size of a football field. >>> and on the right-hand side of your screen is a small fire ball over san francisco. it's likely a small meteor burning up in the atmosphere. but given what happened in russia this week, you can i
Feb 19, 2013 4:30pm PST
lance armstrong's doping scandal to olympic runner oscar pistorious' murder charges, does nike do enough to protect shareholders from who promotes its products? harsh words today from president obama about budget cuts. he called on congressional republicans to avoid automatic spending cuts, the so-called "sequester" that kicks in on march 1. he said this "meat cleaver approach" will hurt the econy and hundreds of thousands of americans will lose jobs. the president got some backing from budget hawks erskine bowles and alan simpson. they were back in the news today with a new plan to sharply reduce federal spending. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: the president was flanked by emergency responders who'd be hit hard if automatic spending cuts take effect on march 1, and he placed the blame on republicans. >> so far, at least what they've expressed is a preference where they'd rather have these cuts go into effect than close a single tax loophole for the wealthiest americans. not one. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down to the sequester, democrats and republicans are hunkered down for a
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
i had that much money and moving on. >>> the latest on the shareholder revolt on nike. can the run continue? the revolt on dell. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >>> welcome back to the "halftime report." dell's largest independent shareholder, southeastern asset management and other investors reportedly have objected to its deal to go private. one well-known investor that has been very vocal in his opposition, richard pizina, i spoke with him this morning and he is not happy and said the price doesn't reflect the long term earnings of this company, about a buck 70 and says it will grow over time and values dell more like 25 bucks a share. he held 12.7 milli
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
armour is suing nike, claiming they have used under armour's i will slogan in its ads. nike has used phrases like i will he protect my home court and i will finish what i started. nike says -- under armour says they have been using the phrases for more than a decade and wants nike to stop. >> under armour should just use just knew it -- just do it. [laughter]a little rain this weekend? >> a very little amount. a very minimal effect here. animal outside tonight. there is a bit of drizzle. this is the great lakes on the kennedy center's celebration of some the nordic countries. we have it in time lapse. tomorrow morning wn heyou get up, there will be a bit of ice. mara morning sunrise is at its: 40 8 a.m. -- 6:48 a.m. in three weeks, it is 7:1 9 a.m. you will lose a little bit in the morning. there will be a bit of icing is around -- ice around. here is the doppler. you can see that area pink, that is what has now been extended for our winter weather advisory. some evening showers, the other batch now as well to the south. look around georgia. athens georgia, over an inch of rain. th
Feb 22, 2013 7:00am PST
'll find out what you can do to get what you're paying for. >> plus a look at nike's ties to another athlete in trouble. on "cbs this morning." to nike in tro . >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by rock skin care the anti-aging skin experts. anti-aging experts. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks at chili's. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer, h
Feb 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
apple get interested in wearable technology. tim cook wearing nike and the jawbone is up and the nike plus system. rarg arguably where this is probably the only place on your body to wear a screen. nike tried the spot watch a decade ago and it flopped. this makes it like the tablet was preipad. big question, how does apple turn a small screen into important connective real estate and how can apple connect us with a screen pretty much too small for navigation. >> let's talk more about what this watch means for apple and what indeed the company can do with all that cash. let's talk about the cash pile, and john, the expectation there in advance of this, these conference or analyst conference tomorrow with tim cook, exactly what he could say, john, that could move the stock. >> i think the place to start, a lot of people are forgetting, they have around $137 in cash and equivalents. the stuff not in the u.s. is really difficult for apple to repay tree ought without a big penalty. we are talking in the neighborhood of $40 billion. it seems like from what apple put out in the statement las
Feb 15, 2013 3:00pm EST
is getting back into the stand-alone retail store business. the company is hoping to unseat nike in that area. up next we'll take a look at which stock is the better buy. >> the nightmare at sea is over, but is the nightmare for carnival stock beginning? the first lawsuit against the cruise liner has been filed. we'll get to that later on the "closing bell." command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. emens. answers. [ laughs ] now this is a test drive. whoa! you really feel all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition. or trade up and choose customer cash plus option package discount for a total value of $7,250. >>> welcome back. under armor is making a renewed
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
panel. a lot to talk about including nike, couple of 10 and 11-year-olds plotting murder. >> crazy. >> crazy. that's next. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. for over 75 years people ...with geico... ohhh...sorry!. director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps
Feb 22, 2013 10:00pm EST
takes his -33 roster spot.later oo sports unlimited. 3 baltimore-based under armour -3 is suing nike......saying itt &psttle the company's slogan & slogan"i will... i will" wiil"you an see michael phelps... ssaring in this under armour ad... ...and you can heaa he themee"i will"the lawsuit is about hose words... aas on social media... using slogans that all begiinwithh"i will"unner armour wants nike to stop... and is asking ffr - moneyno comment from nike 3 itts nnt every day you wakk up a millionaire--- but for one mounttairy wwman that dream came true. true. now... more people ...arr buying up tickets... at the hell gaa &pstation... where she....struck pt big.../. amber miller... ssys---/ identified herself.../ and.... mmybeenever ...are following 3 this... is the first time... the gas station... haa sold... a... megaamillion &pdollar tiiket. 3 3 (10:39:455 "they were stackedd..." animal ccuelty...dogg piled in cages phy theetenant wass animmls...nee at 1030 tonight 3 stanley says:
Feb 16, 2013 10:00am PST
romans. >>> and oscar pistorius charged with murder. nike learns once again pinning a rep you tiges on a star name is risky. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> christine romans is back. three hot business stories this week. minimum wage, nike, and carnival. minimum wage. i'm going to eviscerate christine, who has it all wrong. >> bring it on. >> right now it's $7.25 an hour, about $15,000 a year for a full-time worker. the president's proposal would raise the mip mum wage in three stages, reaching $9 by the end of 2015. not exactly a drastic move. this is a debate t
Feb 18, 2013 11:35pm PST
, y el contrato de nike habrÍa quedado en el aire luego que se conoce la tragedia, y curiosamente la compaÑÍa nike tiene un anuncio que dice que pistorius es la bala en la recÁmara. se llamarÁn tambiÉn a testificar a una ex novia. >>> cada vez mÁs cerca de la cÁrcel. >>> complicado el caso. >>> la policÍa espaÑola dutuvo a 5 personas luego de enfrentamientos con empleados de la lÍnea iberia. el enfrentamiento se dio cuando rompieron un cordÓn y entraron protestando. >>> la revista focus dijo que el papa se estÁ quedando ciego, mientras el periÓdico italiano dice que se estÁn dando alizanzas entre los cardenales que se darÁn cita para eliegir al sucesor de papa benedicto xvi. y en dicho conclave tiene que participar mahoney, y muchos piden que se abstenga de nacerlo, todo por los casos de pederastia. >>> antes de viajar a roma el cardenal y ex arzobispo tendrÁ que someterse a un interrogatorio por el caso de nicolÁs aguila rivera. >>> el cardenal tendrÁ que responder sobre su participaciÓn en el caso del padre nicolÁs Águila rivera seÑalÓ el abogado que represen
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
.next week she &pplaas o show them off at a danceecompetttion inn as vegas. and a bid day for nike. ballimore-bbsed under armour is suing the athletic wear giant.......saying it stole a sn slogan"i will... will" will"you can see michael phells... staring in this uuder armour ad... ...and placed ads on social media... - psing slogans that all begin with n"i will"undee armour wants nike to stop....anddis asking for moneyno comment froo nikk a maasive storm has been dangeroos combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain... 3 states... like missouri..., ansas, andd and... trrcherous - roadd... / there'ss.. already... more than ...a foot of snow n some areas.... 3 that syssem won't bring uch our wwy. let's check n with &pmeteorlogist emily graccy to see what we can expect... emily? emmly? 3 &pbe he first o finddoot abou any be the first to finn , be the first to fiid out about alerts are right at youu fiigerrips... track the stoom rrggt down to your neighborhood.... just go to foobalttmore dot com to use our interactiie radar. you caa also get the atest forecast and road
Feb 19, 2013 4:30am EST
steenkamp. two of his sponsors, nike and oakley have distanced themselves from him. nike says it has no plans to use him in an upcoming campaigns. >> opening statements set to begin today in the trial of a man accused of killing a largo mother and daughter. jason scott faces first-degree murder and other charges in the death of ebony and delores dewitt. he's also suspected of killing another mother and daughter from a largo the earlier that year. is already serving a 100-year prison sentence on unrelated charges. >> grief counselors will be on hand at suitland high school as students more loss of a classmate. >> prince george's county police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy and why. the murder happened monday afternoon on 20th avenue in hillcrest heights. >> police combed the area for clues after receiving a call about someone on the ground. they found a 15-year-old boy dead. the victim is believed to have gone to suitland high school. authorities will say little else. investigators have some leads they're working. nothing they want to share. >> resident
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 11:00am EST
scandal angles a prominent print. we will talk about nike's decision today to cut its contract with oscar pistorious. they have a lot of big athletes. dagen: nicole petallides watching home depot. nicole: home depot shares are down. let's take a look at the stock right here. we are seeing it down to the downside. cutting lowe's also. it is their spring selling season. both companies and not think they were going to do some major hiring. dagen: president obama calling on spending $50 million. we have grover norquist with us. tell me how you would articulate your argument against it. >> taking $20 from one person, running it through the government and handing it to someone else. you take the resources for one job out of the economy through taxes or debt. then you move it to the other side of the economy and you hold a press conference while you release the same dollars. you are just moving money around. if you take a bucket of water outside of the lake and then walk it around to the other side, obama thinks you are extending it to great depths. that does not work. connell: we are going thro
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 2:00am PST
's family members carrying her casket out. okay leap and nike distanced themselfs with him. nike says it has no plans to use him in future ad campaigns. ladies? >> thank you, anna. it is now 2 minutes after the top of the hour. the top five stories making news at this hour. we are getting the first look at the engine room where the fire broke out which crippled the carnival cruise ship stranding passengers for five days. now we know a leak in the fuel line sparked the entire thing. so far two people filed suit against carnival including one woman who claims she suffered severe dehydration and bruising from other passengers swhieflz waiti -- she was waiting. >> sandy hook shooter was obsessed with norway's most notorious mass murder and saw himself in direct competition with him. lanza wanted to kill out kill the man who bombed and gunned down 77 people including many children in norway back in july of 2011. lanza reportedly picked the elementary school because it was the easiest target with the largest cluster of people. drew peterson could be sentenced for murdering his wife kathleen savio.
Feb 22, 2013 4:30am EST
department hasn't announced if it will join. >>> under armor is going after nike. it's suing the competitor arguing that nike is misusing under armor's new slogaslogan, l it claims nike has been using i will at the start of phrases on several of its ads. nike has not commented on that suit. it won't comment. >> it's your lifeline when there is an emergency. >> 911 can't solve all problems. coming up at 5:20, the unusual call for help that got a little boy in a lot of trouble. >>> the local lawmaker giving pot smokers a reason to light up. >>> why the district is not re here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> a baltimore lawmaker wants to make maryland the latest state to legalize marijuana. he introduced legislation making pot legal for anybody over the age of 21. the bill also creates a system to regulate and tax it like alcohol. the revenue that tax generates would help pay for treatment programs to prevent substance abuse. vote ners colorado and washington state le
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
between two sportswear giants. under armor is going after nike. cnbc's courtney reagan is here to tell us what that's about. >> good morning, eun. we'll see you in court says under armor. it's suing the big or rival alleging nike is illegally using its new slogan, i will. on social media sites begin with that exact wording. the company accuses nike of trying to confuse consumers by running separate ads similar to the protect this house campaign. under arm our is seeking punitive damages. nike isn't commenting. it's not the first time that the two have tussled. nike sued under armour over the moisture wicking athletic apparel. this is a very tight competitive market. >> indeed. >>> courtney, thanks. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. >>> we want you to know the next video could be tough to watch. the man in it is okay. but what happened may be a lesson for the next time you hit the ski slopes. it's actually a 17-year-old. jacob gutierrez hanging from a chairlift in new mexico. he slipped off after trying to throw a snowball at his friends. after six minutes of hanging he plummete
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am PST
if they allow him to post bail. this is a man with multimillion-dollar endorsement deals with nike, oakley and other brands, as well. but nothing will happen between now and tuesday. tuesday is the next opportunity for his side to make the case and explain how his girlfriend ended up dead in his very large mansion. >> still so hard to believe. just shocking. e he errol, thank you. the corporate sponsors certainly go into crisis mode. and nike is distancing itself from the blade runner. here is zain asher for that. >> reporter: nike, sponsor behind some of the biggest names in sports, now dealing with a publicity nightmare with yet another disgraced star. >> they told me i would never walk. >> reporter: the company's $2 million deal withes oscar pistorius now hangs in the balance. this after reports pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend dead at his home. >> at the beginning of any crisis, you have to say something. very often we call it dressing up no comment. >> reporter: now doing just that, saying it extends condolences, but as it is a police matter, nike will not comment further at th
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am PST
busy risky business. >> nike took advantage of the inspirational story of oscar pistorius and signed him on as a nike celebrity. but this ad has been pulled from the company's website. it features oscar pistorius at the starting blocks with the slogan i'm a bullet in the chamber. image consultants say this will undoubtedly fuel conversations. take tiker woods, for example. nike didn't drop him but his visibility with the brand took a bit of a break. lance armstrong was another nike athlete whose reputation took a hit. >> what am i on? i'm on my bike busting my butt. >> when the u.s. anti-doping agency came up with another evidence to convince the world of his cheating, he was dropped. now, the charges against oscar pistorius are even more serious. now that he's charged with murder, marketing analysts say the company should immediately break his ties with oscar pistorius. contracts make it clear that the athlete's behavior can allow a company to cut its ties but not before spending millions of dollars paying these celebrities for endorsing their products. one company that advises othe
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
girlfriind anddnow he's yet anooher nike posterchild to recennly take a &pnegative dive in the puulic image. 3 this morning toryydunnan is llve from washinggon wwth more. more.good morning, tony. 3 tory live on cameraa- big name, big talent athletes tend to get hiih owerrd endorsements. one of the ost ccveeed s from nike. but when sporrs stars get in trouble, pt causes major headaches for image anddfinances. take when it comes o the blade runner, a nike addnow takes on a new nd really quite unfortunate meannng. it seems the company has pulled the ad from their website. so far pnke has released statement &pbut not specifically abbutt - pistorius. --vo-- ere's quickklookkback -- t others. in october 2012, nike pulled its contract with lancc armstrong, long efore his confession. the company still pllnned to support live-strong iniiiatives. also remember pichael vick. nike issued a - cruelty to animals was -3 unacceptablee the relationship was sevvred. but afterrhe served hhsstime, nikk signed him uppagaii --tory liveeon cameea-- and wwen you t
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 1:00pm EST
the heck. shibani: i need a pay raise. ashley: nike meantime suspending the contract of oscar pistorius after the athlete was accused of killing his girlfriend. so when should companies stand by troubled celebrities and when should they just cut and run? we'll have that next. shibani: but first take a look how 10 and 30-year treasurys are faring at the moment. friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and d apply online. >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. a round of mixed reports on the u.s. economy is taking a toll on the markets today. right now the dow is down roughly 70 points. >>> according to the mortgage bankers association the mortgage delinquency rate during the fourth quarter hit the lowest level since 2008. the delinquency rate covers loans at least one payment past due but in the foreclosure process. >>> the federal trade commission is warning of new t
FOX News
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
called him the blade runner. as the legal case unfolds, a nike ad has vanished from the athlete's website. it reads, i am the bullet in the chamber. nike announced it would not decide whether to end response ship until the investigation is over. joining us, jim gray. he interviewed oscar pistorius in london for the olympics and that's why we're having you on. good to see you. you spent time with him. can you answer the question people are asking, who is he? >> well, it's impossible. it was a snapshot of his life three or four minutes. he was courteous, excited he had competed. he called at the highlight of his life and a moment he felt would inspire others in a similar circumstance or those who don't have all their extremities or disabled in some way, that he would be guy everybody would look to as the guy who did this. as far as his personality and knowing him, i did not know him at all. it was a snapshot of his life, like any of us who interview anybody for a moment. >> he's on the olympic team. he would have had teammates and people who knew him. you've interviewed so many athletes. an
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
with the men. >> the nike commercial where the people are neighborhood. >> she's probably not alone. some famous olympic skin was on display in the artful and arty spot. does it really sell shoes? probably nobody cares. michael richards got a contract for this goofy ad. >> fedex. >> yeah the fedex commercial was great. >> reporter: that feddics commercial describes the great way to talk about things that could have been in the commercial carrier. having spent the kind of money it takes for a super bowl ad these sponsors are going to expect to get that money back. just like in football. some of these players will be back next year and some won't. >> when we come back on a second look the ad of 1999. >>> the business of super bowl ads, what the add executives have the most andruw down -- delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes.
Feb 21, 2013 4:30am PST
a bathroom which explains why she was there and not hiding from oscar pistorius. nike is suspending its contract, they are monitoring the situation but oscar pistorius deserves due process. he is being replaced in an unrelated case. he and two other south africa police officers are accused of firing passengers. charges were initially dropped but are now reunder today -- reinstated. >>> s.w.a.t. teams were called to a home at jefferson shortly after 11:00 last night. police shut down streets after getting reports of a man hold up inside the house. several neighbors reported hearing gun fire. however police left the scene after concluded nobody was in the camp. neighbors are complaining about agree tent city and janine de la vega has more on the action the city will soon takes. >> reporter: we are headed towards taylor street, dawn see too much but it is near the big feel, the quad lupah field. we don't want to disturb anybody, because they are all sleeping now. but one thing i want to point out, you can see a big pile here and that is just one of the worries of the city staff now the cit
Feb 18, 2013 4:30am EST
to court for a bail hearing tomorrow. his agent says endorsement deals nike and others have not far.affected so a man charged with scrapping a flight is out of a job. it's not clear if joe hundley or was fired. now we're hearing from the mother of the adopted toddler was holding the child with the incident took place. more. >> twinkle twinkle. smart and smiley 19-year-old. is what happened on a flight and has his parents doing anything but smiling. >> he hit a child and he said .hat he said that is disgusting >> . jessica and her son were flying to atlanta and sat next to this old joe hundley of idaho. >> he was being rude and belligerent and i felt very uncomfortable. said that he reached of and continued drinking on board. past the plane descended, jonah fuzzy. >> i was having trouble him and that's when made the comments to me. >> this is when he allegedly told jessica told her to "shut that (n-word) baby up." it did not end there. used a racial slur a second slapped then allegedly hitting him in the eye. i cannot believe he would say about a babye that , i felt to hit him i was
FOX News
Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
high-profile of those endorsements is with the u.s. based athletic shoe company nike. we do know that he has already been on the air with several nike advertisements. most notably the one with unfortunate tag line, i'm the bullet in the chamber. the now the statement from nike of course, condolences to all parties involved with the devastating shooting and they say it is a police matter and that nike will not comment further. some of the other endorsement deals pistorius has, british telecom company bt, sunglasses maker oakley and colleging designer. back to nike. i checked shares. they're actually trading higher by one half of 1%. nike of course a widely-held stock around the world but of course this all, jenna in jeopardy here. he just burst onto the scene last year. these are considerable dollar values for his net worth and his earning capability. now all that in question events. jenna: a story we'll continue to follow closely, lori. thank you. jon: there's never been a drone used on an american citizen on american soil and, the, i know, we respect and have a whole bunch of sa
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
live in the city were listing what they said were bits of meteorites. >>> nike has no plans to use oscar pistorius in future advertising. he is due back in court tomorrow to answer charges that he killed his girlfriend. nike used oscar pistorius in past ads. an official confirmed to cnn that reeva steenkamp was shot four times through a bath room door at oscar pistorius' home. authorities are looking at a bat crowned in the home. -- found in the home. >>> san jose will begin turning hundreds of street lights back on. in 2008 they shut off 900 lights to save money. officials said it was that or stop working on traffic signals and signs. last week they approved their budget report which includes turning some back on. they recommended the move to address safety concerns. >> 6:20 a.m. a lot of lights are out and i am there in the dark. so it was a concern. >> most of the lights that are being turned on will be on busier streets. >>> hackers this morning dethroned burger king by taking over their twitter account. the hacker made it appears like burger king was bought by mcdonalds. their
Feb 23, 2013 10:00pm EST
"iiwill"the lawsuit is about those words... under armour ays nike placed ads on soccal media... using 3 "i will"under armmur wwnts nikk to stopp.. and is asking for oneynnocomment from nike we wwnt to remind you to tune into ffx45 morring news weekdaas.... for some frre cash. &pcashh it's our & freebruury contest. 3 doolars every hour on fox45 mooning news thissmonddy. to enter... go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. click on the frrebruary tab. then watch fox45 morning news monday.... for theefirst drawing in the 5 3 3 the questionssare flying around man-tye te'o...(tay-oh) prospect of playinn for the ravens....coming p in spprts unlimited... 3 wwat's your excuse for not getting off the couch? the one hundree yeer old man putting us all to shame. 3 for all of ou thattsay youu & off the couch.... listee to thii. this. the worll's oldest arathoner will comppte in his last run ttmorrow in china 3&p one-huudred-aad-one yeer-old - fauja singh - is t
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am EST
' major sponsors have distanced themselves from him. oakley and nike. >> thanks for that report. court is in a break right now. we expect the hearing to take the better part of the morning there, pretoria, south africa. keep it here on abc. we'll bring you the latest on what should be an emotional, interesting day in court. a lot of questions. >>> now, we move on to syria, one of the most dangerous hot spots on the planet. after two years of bloody conflict, a u.n. panel says the government and those rebels should be charged with war crimes. >> abc's terry moran made the journey to the heart of this battle, the capital of damascus. >> reporter: the road from beirut to damascus. we drove into syria along this heavily guarded route, checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint. it is now a lifeline, as damascus, the stronghold of the government of president bashar assad, becomes a city under siege. it is a dirty war, in a crucial country. just look at the map. the chaos engulfing syria threatens to spill over into iraq on one side, israel and lebanon on the other. a nightmare scenario fo
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
.r. side and certainly not from the legal side just yet. >> his attorney saying something. quickly, nike as pulled their pistorius ad from the web site, his picture with the tag line "i am the bullet in the chamber." nike facing another situation with a star athlete that they are now tied up in. >> i can tell you where the origins of this are. it's not a secret that oscar pistorius has an affinity for guns. he's quoted for saying when i can't sleep, this is what i do. i'm sure this is a case of him suggesting this too n nike as opposed to the other way around. >> we have some breaking news. astronomers now say a 150-foot asteroid has safely passed by earth. plus from the state of the union to the unprecedented filibuster of chuck hagel, the week in review of all this evenings nat. and tennessee congressman steve cohen says his tweets to a woman during the state of the union were not sent to a romantic interest. they were actually sent to his daughter, a daughter he only learned about three years ago. cohen had originally said he sent those texts to a family friend. people have been watch
Feb 23, 2013 6:00am EST
says nike placed ads onnsocial media... using "i will"under arrour wants -3nike to stop....and is asking & for oneyno comment from nike 3&&p annn arundel county officially has a new county executive. lauua neuman had bben howard county's economic development director. 3"clapping" -3 "clapping" 3 surrounded by familyy friends - ann pllnty of other politicians, laura neuuan began a nee day anddnewwcareerr as the anne arundel county executive. ssh is replacing john leopold who resigned found guilty of misconduut in office.. neumannsays her first task wiil be to restore public confidence in he poot. under the new eaddrship, neuman also ssys to expect chhnge.: 3&p(lauraaneummn)"we need to make a determination and assessmeet of whats worked nd not worked in the last dmmniitratioo... towardd xcellence in the county" resident of anne arundel 3 the fourth annual b-more healthy expo kicks off in justta few hours. buu why wait tt see what's store. -3 amber miller is live from the conventio
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